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college dorm decor

It is time once again for back-to-school preparations – and those students who are readying themselves for college are the first to return to the classroom. Statistics tell us that 20 million students will begin college courses over the next month. Approximately 12 million students will be walking into campus for the first time; and of those students, nearly 4 million will be moving into college dormitories. As preparations are occurring across the greater San Antonio area, there are a few simple steps you can take to help your student achieve success when living away from home. The Flower Bucket has always been privileged to help you to celebrate life’s milestones and events, and we look forward to assisting you in this exciting new phase as well! Our beautiful plants, flowers and gifts are perfect to make the transition from home to college an easier one. college dorm decor

Establishing a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in the dorm will help to settle your young adult into their new environment. By surrounding them with familiar items, favorite colors and mementos from home, the college dorm decor you create can become a personal haven conducive to studying, relaxing, and excelling.  Green plants may not seem like an important part of your student’s success – but you may be surprised at the role which plants play in our lives.

Tools For Success: Green plants are powerful instruments that can help your student every day of their educational career.The clean and purify the air, as well as work to remove many common toxins. Healthier air quality will result in improved focus and concentration, as well as enhanced memory function.Of course, experts know that being surrounded by green plants also promotes a sense of well-being and quiet serenity (just think of the last time you walked through a garden!)  Given the benefits they provide, green plants may be the ideal college dorm decor for students!

Mark Your Calendar: Don’t forget to order some bright flowers for birthdays, successful exams, or simply to encourage a student who may be feeling a little stressed out.

college dorm decorBrowse the entire collection of green plants on The Flower Bucket website, and let them know that even if they don’t live at home, they are still very much in your heart.

Please note that some products may only be available locally in San Antonio. If you need help, let us know!



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