Growing a Purposeful Garden

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The natural world is nothing if not spectacular. Not only are the singular components of nature amazing and fascinating, but the synergy showcased by our ecosystem is something quite incredible. During the summer months, the interconnected lives of flowers, bees, butterflies – and us – are easy to see. After all, flowers require that butterflies and bees pollinate. And human beings rely on that pollination in many ways for our food supply. The decline of the bee population worldwide is something that will affect us all  – therefore, cultivating a garden that is not only beautiful but that support bees and butterflies in their pollination duties is something to strive for. The floral experts at The Flower Bucket would like to take this opportunity to share some methods that you can use to grow a purposeful garden that is as good for the ecosystem as it is for the beauty of your yard.

A Butterfly Garden: The main goal when creating a butterfly garden is to provide pollen and nectar. You’ll also want to create an accessible water source for your guests. Plants with a wildflower look, such as zinnias, daisies, verbena, goldenrod, yarrow, asters, phlox, marigold and delphinium are sure to beckon the butterflies into your yard. And did you know? You do not have to plant a flower garden – potted plants, hanging plants and flower boxes will serve the same purpose, so if you have a patio or deck, you can have a butterfly garden!

Here’s a Hint: Consider adding a small birdbath or rain basin that will provide butterflies with a water source. Mix in a little sand or dirt, as they derive nutrients from such mixtures.

Bee Friendly Plants:  Most flowers will attract bees, as long as they exhibit bold color and lots of nectar and pollen. A strong fragrance also often proves irresistible to bees . Lavender, lilac, heather, rhododendron, and snapdragons are great choices to bring the bees, as are flowering herbs such as mint and rosemary, and blackberry or raspberry bushes.

Everyone Loves Them: Bees and butterflies both will flock to sunflowers!


Would you believe that some plants are natural pest repellents? While planting these around your yard might not eliminate pests completely, gardeners agree that they definitely help to minimize an insect problem. Herbs in particular exude essential oils in the heat – and emit a fragrance the mosquitoes, ticks, and aphids hate – but we love! Lemongrass, basil, rosemary, mint and lavender should all help, and ornamental flowers such as chrysanthemums, petunias and marigolds will also ward off unwanted insects.

Yes, nature is pretty amazing. If you are planning a summer garden, call The Flower Bucket to fill it with flowers that help to make San Antonio, and the rest of the world, a better place for all of us.




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