Floral Designs for Proms & Moms

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In the months of May and June, we have three occasions that can inspire us to purchase wearable flowers – Mother’s Day, proms, and graduations. The expert floral designers at The Flower Bucket have the experience, ideas, and talent to create striking corsages and sophisticated boutonnieres that will set the mood for these special events. In San Antonio, there is no better place to call for all things floral.

Did You Know? Both the words “corsage” and “boutonniere” are French in origin, and the terms originated in the 16th century. The former means corset or bodice, while the latter means little button.  proms

First and foremost, Mother’s Day is the ideal opportunity to show mom just how special she is. A custom made corsage which showcases her favorite flower or color is a gift she will be proud to wear all day. Most corsages feature roses or orchids, but we are happy to work with you to create something just for her.

Graduations ceremonies honor all of your loved one’s hard work and dedication. Don’t let them walk across that stage without a corsage or boutonniere that shows off their style and achievement. Just let us know which local school they are graduation from, and we can create flowers in their school colors.


Proms are perhaps the most iconic of the high school experiences. Once the dress is picked out and the color scheme decided upon, your prom flowers are an important choice. Wrist corsages are the most popular variety of corsage these days,  and are often designed with jewelry, sequins, ribbons or feathers. Check out The Flower Bucket’s usage of “charm” jewelry to add sparkle, shine, and glamor to your flowers.

Although boutonnieres also often use roses and orchids (much like corsages) calla lilies and succulents are two head-turning alternatives. Organic elements such as berries and greenery add depth and texture. proms

The Flower Bucket is your hometown source for prom and formal flowers. Stop by our store, browse our website, or give us a call. We are happy to help in any way we can – after all, everyone loves flowers!



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