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2018’s Modern Nature Trend

As we peek ahead to 2018 (after all, it is just around the corner), we here at The Flower Bucket can’t help but pick up a little design inspo from the folks over at International Floral Distributors, who recently released their floral trend report.

Of the four styles identified, we’re highlighting just one, “Incarnation of Earth’s Element.” Yes, it’s a mouthful, but believe us, this floral look is all about organic minimalism.

We’re calling it “modern nature” and loving its simplicity. Make no mistake, IFD’s imagery indicates that there’s a lot of artistry involved in putting designs in this style together, and an emphasis on items beyond flowers. Branches, greens, river rock and other organic bits get equal attention here, in pieces where shape is free-form and balance within the arrangement is key. You can see how this approach plays out in our Nestling.

The modern nature look has a lot of movement and fluidity; items and their textures are placed alongside each other to highlight nature’s many contrasts. Though effortless-looking, pieces in this style are very intentional, creating a singular effect. It’s almost like you can’t imagine one looking the same as another. Obviously visual appeal is really important, too, and less so considerations like color.

As you can see, we here at The Flower Bucket are already on top of this emerging trend. Let us help you breathe new life into your floral design scheme in the coming year.